Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We had a typical day at our house today. Not sure if that is good or bad - I guess it depends what you are looking for! Other than a few too many temper tantrums from our resident two-year-old (which I do have on video and are too funny!), all was well! (Plus we had a quick dinner with my dad today instead of at home!) Here's what a typical Wednesday looks like at HappyGoMommy's house:

  • I wake up at 7am and try to catch some of the morning news before jumping in the shower.
  • My kids wake up and hop in my bed to watch cartoons. They get ready (including making their beds and straightening up their rooms) and we eat breakfast at 8:30am.
  • Chores follow from 9-9:30 - anything from putting away dishes to folding towels - we all help out!
  • 9:30 - School starts! We get out a toy bucket (we have three rotating ones) for Owen and let him play while we work on handwriting, spelling, language arts, math, science, geography, art, music, Bible, & reading. We take a 15-minute break sometime in the morning to run around and sometimes have a snack.
  • We eat lunch at 12:15 and then head to our weekly homeschool co-op. I teach once a month, the other weeks I catch up with my fellow homeschooling moms (you know who you are!) :) while our kids are in class. My friend, Jenn, organized this co-op a few years ago and we love it! We are very thankful for this time to be with other homeschoolers and friends. The kids have a different topic each week (science, reading, art/music, games).
  • 3pm - We head home! Free time for the kids. Brad is usually home by then and we catch up on our days before both trying to get in some work for the day.
  • 5pm - We start getting ready for dinner before the kids are out the door for Awana. I usually have a few helpers in my kitchen with me. :) They love to help me cook and are generally willing to help set the table as well.
  • 5:30 - Dinner as a family. Pray, talk about our day. Try to eat and not be silly (a hard task for some in our family!!).
  • 6pm - Either Brad or I take Riley and Quinn to Awana. It isn't too close to our home, so we usually hang out at the library while they are at Awana or run errands. Whoever doesn't go cleans up from dinner and plays with Owen in the evening at home (usually me and I LOVE this time!).
  • 8:30 - The kids are home and we read before bed. Lights out by 9 for the kids - usually it's 8:30!

That's our day in a nutshell! Wednesdays are different because of having to leave for co-op early. I like days that are less busy better! But at least we only have one busy day like this!

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