Saturday, January 24, 2009


IMG_5466 We've been studying Africa for the school the past two weeks and while the kids have enjoyed studying it, I have really liked it! I have a huge desire to travel to Africa someday - once on a mission trip, and another time just to vacation and explore. Ah....maybe someday! Until then, I guess I will have to settle for Animal Kingdom at Disney World! Our trip is only two months away and we can't wait!

The top photo shows the African animals the kids made from homemade playdough last week - from the top left clockwise: a lion laying down, an elephant, a giraffe, and a zebra. The only thing they have left to do is paint them! Here is a photo from them working that day as well. IMG_5453We love to do art projects and science experiments on the bar of our countertop. There is just enough room for three barstools and three kids. :) On Monday, we begin studying Asia!

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