Thursday, January 22, 2009

My To Do List

Todo list Do you make lists? I love to! I am a list check-er and would be lost without my "to-do" lists. Here is what is on my most recent list (in no particular order!). . .hopefully all to be accomplished between Friday and Saturday!

  • Make snacks for Riley and Quinn's Bible quizzing practice
  • Fill out my kids' photo order forms for cheerleading/basketball
  • Call my dentist about a bill
  • Do some paperwork & stuffing folders for our church's upcoming children's clothing resale
  • Edit the invitations (via Evite) for my 15-year high school reunion
  • Order our Super Bowl party cake and balloons
  • Call Disney and make dinner reservations for our vacation

And oh, laundry, change diapers, make meals, clean up from meals, and go to toddler gymnastics. I wouldn't trade any of it. (Okay, well...maybe the diapers!)

P.S. - Hey honey - want to take over any of these items for me?! :)

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