Monday, February 1, 2010

100 Days of School!

Today was our 100th day of school for the year! We celebrated with lots of "100" activities. We took a break from our regular 'book' work and did the following today:
  • Wrote about inventions that were not here 100 years ago
  • Did 100 jumping jacks, followed by 100 seconds of silence (my favorite part!) :)
  • Predicted the amount of times in 100 seconds that the kids would be able to write their first name, then compared it with their actual results
  • Tossed a coin 100 times, tallied the results (heads v. tails), and graphed the results
  • Ate 100 pieces of popcorn, writing each number as they took a bite (1, eat, 2, eat, e, eat, 4, eat, 5, eat . . . )
  • Closed our eyes for what we thought was 100 seconds, and then stood up when we thought it had been 100 seconds - and tried to see how close we were
  • Figured out what year we would turn 100!
  • Finished this sentence "If I had $100, I would ___________________."
  • Estimated what the date would be 100 days from now
  • Finished the sentence "One hundred years from now . . . "
  • Counted by 2s and 5s to 100.
  • Completed this sentence "I wish I had 100 ____________ because ___________."
  • Finally, they had to write a story incorporating any one of the following ideas: 100 pounds, 100 dollars, 100 miles, or 100 years.
Add in soccer, cheerleading, and co-op (studying critical thinking/logic this week), and we had a fun day!

Back to regular programming tomorrow, though . . . !!!