Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Book & A Blog

I read a great book this past week and thought I'd share about it. Scratch Beginnings was written by Adam Shephard and in it, he writes about searching for the "American Dream." It is a true story of his life in 2007. He starts out with just $25 and heads to a southern city to see if he can succeed. His measurable goals were clear: at the end of the experiment (one year), he wanted to live in a furnished apartment, have an operable car, have $2500 in cash, and be in a position where he can continue to improve his circumstances (by going to school or starting a business).

The book is written in a very casual style, and if you can get past the language that some of the people he meets along the way use, it is a great read! You get a behind-the-scenes look at shelter life, being homeless, and trying to find a job without an education or degree. I think it gives a good look into how some of the poor live. Although some people have complained that he could not know what it is like to be truly poor, because he is a white male, college graduate (though he did not rely on that), with no dependents.

If you have heard of - or read - Nickel and Dimed, this is his rebuttal to that book. In that book, Barbara Ehrenreich discusses how the pursual of the American Dream is hopeless. I recommend you read them both and make your own conclusions. :) Let me know if you do - or if you have already read them!

And about a blog - I know I have mentioned this site before, but because I like it so much, it gets another mention! :) Have you checked out The Simple Dollar yet? Trent runs a GREAT site and his advice is excellent. I appreciate all of his advice and am trying to incorporate more of his tips into my daily life. Check it out if get a chance & let me know what you think!

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