Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How the Other Half Lives

I *adore* learning about how other people live and how different people can be! (Maybe I should have been a sociologist?) I guess that is why I am drawn to reading blogs and watching television shows like "House Hunters," "Wife Swap," "Supernanny," and lots more!

My current fave is "House Hunters International." If you've never seen it (and you're missing out!!), each episode follows someone (a couple, family, single person, etc.) as they look for a new home in somewhere other than the U.S. They tour three homes and then decide which home to purchase. You get an insider's look at homes in other countries and they also tell you the price in U.S. dollars. Too fun! :) Everything from fancy homes, to country homes, to small city apartments.

Maybe I watch it too often, though, because today Riley asked if we could watch an episode for school. My answer? "Absolutely not, Riley. Not during school time! We need to get your work done!" "But mom," she replied, "we're studying France right now and maybe they will be looking for a home in France!" Ah, my sweet daughter! She gets an A+ today for logic! :) (Oh, and I did check; there is an episode coming up on Friday that looks at homes in Paris! Oh la la! We will definitely have to watch that one soon. I've been to France twice and love it there!)

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