Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Kids . . .

are really cute! And sweet. And good-hearted. I'm totally biased. :) I love 'em. I need to remind myself of that on the occasional difficult day. So, here's a sweet reminder of the littlest (but biggest!) loves of my life:

Riley: Kind, honest, a cheerleader, helps without being asked, silly, polite, quiet, loud, great student, loves to read, loves to do devotions with mommy(!), is beginning to actually understand football, my favorite daughter (as I tell her often!).

(Rocking out to Guitar Hero w/her new haircut)

Quinn: Huge-hearted, serious, awesome pray-er, great giggles, tries really hard to obey(!), wears his heart on his sleeve, loves to be around me (even when I'm upset with him!), big helper, loud, cute sly smiles.

Owen: ornery, strong-willed, lots of hugs & kisses, silly, likes to play, likes to climb, is working on talking more and saying "yesh" (yes), big cuddler, did I mention absolutely ornery?? Oh, and strong-willed? (Today was a great day with my kids! I wrote this a few days ago but was having trouble posting it with the pictures.)

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