Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

BOO! Hope you are enjoying your scary day. :) We are enjoying a very pleasant day here in the Midwest. School went very well (always a good thing for a Friday!), and we are headed to Trunk or Treating this evening! Too fun. My kids are dressing as an angel, giraffe and Scooby Doo. And in case you don't see me today, here is what I have on:

I'm looking forward to a fun weekend of early birthday shopping (for me!), dinner with family, church, working outside in the yard, and getting some inside chores done as well. That, and catching up on some reading as well! (And trying not to swipe candy from our kids' buckets! Oh come on - you know you do it, too!!)

Hope you have a great weekend wherever you are! What are your plans for the Halloween weekend??

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