Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saving Smart! Series: Day Four

Today is Saturday! What are you doing? Want to find a quick hundred dollars? Take some time on a day when you don't have much planned, and try some of these tips to add some quick money to your bank account. Then, use the money wisely that you've 'found' to pay off a bill, save, invest, or give away!

Call your insurance agent(s) and ask what kind of discounts they can offer you, or if they can lower any of your rates for various things (accident-free, low mileage usage, combining home/auto, etc.). It pays to ask and be assertive! If they offer a lower rate, ask them if there is anything else they can do to get it even lower.

Sell your junk on ebay! (Say it with me….“One woman’s junk is another woman’s…”) It is easy to set up an account on ebay - and many items you have sitting around your house that you no longer need would quickly sell on ebay! (That reminds me....I currently have several items I need to just get busy & sell!)

Call your utility providers & ask to be put on the budget plan. When you are on a budget plan, you pay the same amount amount every month throughout the year based on your yearly average. (If they try to charge you a setup fee for this, or a monthly surcharge, ask if they will waive this fee.) This method is easier to plan for, especially when you are making your budget. You will save money with this in the long run because you can better plan your spending!

Review ALL of your medical bills. Ask for bills to be itemized (they should provide this at no additional cost) so you can check items line by line. Look for duplicate charges and ask about anything that is vague. It's your money; know where it's going!

And last but not least, hold a garage sale. Keep your expenses down – but definitely place an ad in the newspaper & put signs in your neighborhood – you need to generate traffic. Hold your sale with another friend or family if you can. Have your kids sell their items as well and teach them the value of money as you go. Take all of your items that don't sell and cart them off to a donation center (Goodwill, a women's shelter, etc.) and write it off as a donation.

~~~~~This is Part Four of my Saving Smart! series. Be sure to stop in each day from October 1st through October 10th for more money saving tips and advice. For specific money saving questions, please email me. "When I have money, I get rid of it quickly, lest it find a way into my heart." -John Wesley

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