Monday, October 20, 2008

Vote '08

I had the opportunity to go to a Sarah Palin rally on Friday and jumped on it! Brad was willing to handle the kids & our volunteer obligation Friday night (church movie night), and he strongly encouraged me to go. Thanks, babe - you rock!
I have wanted the chance to go to a political rally in the past, but didn't want to see Obama or his wife here in thanks!

So when I heard Sarah Palin would be in Noblesville, less than two hours from my home, I decided to go! I picked up my tickets from Republican headquarters the first morning they were available, and it's a good thing I did. They ran out shortly thereafter!

I asked some friends to join me, so there were four of us gals (good friends & fellow homeschool moms) who headed down on Friday afternoon. We left before 1pm, stopped for a quick lunch, and were in Noblesville at Verizon Music Center by about 2:30. (The rally was scheduled to begin at 4:30.) Traffic was great, but it was crowded when we got there. (Side note: Verizon used to be called "Deer Creek," and the last time I was there was to see a Hootie & The Blowfish concert - years ago!! And back when Noblesville was still very rural!)

We stood in a long line for over an hour to get in & through security.....everyone was wearing cool political shirts and you could also buy buttons, bumper stickers, shirts, etc., while standing in line. We made it through security with only one of us having to be scanned with the wand (way to go, Rikki!). We found great seats in the front half, sat down, and waited for it to begin.
After a little while, I decided to go closer to get some pictures and realized we could stand right in front at the rail! I called one of the gals (yes, from a distance of only 30 yards or so - yay for cell phones!) as I saved us a spot and they hurried down to join us. We had a great spot to see Gov. Palin come out & speak. Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman spoke and country singer Aaron Tippin got the crowd fired up before she Gov. Palin came out.

She spoke about lower taxes, less government control, and restoring our country. She was a great speaker & certainly had everyone fired up! She also quoted John McCain's famous line from the debate this week - "If Obama had wanted to run against George Bush, he should have run four years ago!" I certainly think she is tough enough to be the next VP. I wouldn't want to be on her bad side.

After she spoke, she came out to the crowd for awhile and we had the chance to shake her hand, talk to her, and have her sign our tickets.

(More photos to come soon!)

Why am I supporting McCain/Palin in the election this year? Because I strongly believe in less government and more personal responsibility. I am pro-life and pro-one-man-one-woman marriage. I don't believe socialism is a way to make our country strong enough to fight other countries. I believe in clinging to God, unlike other candidates. :) I believe in change and hope - through a leader who has experience and knowledge to get us there.

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