Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Catching Up!

Hello friends! I have been busy lately, but all has been well. We are just plugging away with school, church, work, and life in general! The weather here is getting colder - my favorite time of year! I love leaves, cozy sweatshirts, hayrides, and everything associated with fall!
I haven't posted about school in awhile, so I thought I'd post a short update of our year so far. I will also begin catching up with the Homeschool Memoirs posts again soon! I've been so busy homeschooling that I haven't posted about homeschooling. :)

We've really had a great year so far this year, and we are already over 1/4 of the way done for the year! We have finished studying North America and deserts, and have moved on to South America and rain forests. It's been fun!We're also plugging away with math, language arts, science, Bible, music, & more. The kids have done awesome at Bible quizzing this year, and we just registered for Upward Basketball (Quinn) and Cheerleading (Riley), which will begin soon.
We've studied: latitudes, longitudes, banyan trees, buttresses, multiplication, punctuation, direct quotations, and capitalization. We've made sand art, cakes out of globes, and forest canopies, as well as had a Mexican fiesta and gone on field trips!

Brad and I enjoyed a weekend away this weekend on a marriage retreat. It was a great time away to focus on our relationship and each other. Always needed when lives are busy! Sarah Palin was in town over the weekend, but we didn't go to the rally as it wouldn't have made for a very romantic evening. :)

I would love to post photos, but I am having difficulty with Typepad uploading my photos....argghh! I hope to have it working soon!

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