Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sick Day

Just over 12 hours after the Steelers won the Super Bowl(!), we headed to Pittsburgh so we could attend the victory parade on Tuesday.
We decorated our van....

did school in the car....

and were on our way! We had a great time! Everyone in the city was excited, and there were over 350,000 people downtown for the parade. Brad regretted missing the parade after their last Super Bowl win, so this time we planned ahead and knew if they won, we were headed to Pittsburgh! We also enjoyed time with Brad's mom and she was kind enough to watch the boys while the rest of us went to the parade. Thanks, Addie!

Some pictures from the day...

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (yes, in the crazy hat!)

Troy Polamalu - right before he jumped into the crowd! :)

The hard-earned Lombardi trophyIMG_5763

Unfortunately, standing outside all day in the 20-degree weather left me with a cold and now, strep throat. Ugh! I feel horrible and wish I felt better. Thankfully, my mom took the kids until Brad is off of work so I can rest and try to get healthy. Thanks, mom! So...I'm off to bed now!

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