Friday, February 13, 2009

Back to Class!

Lom class I've gone back to school! Well, sort of. I signed up for an online class (Library of Memories) in December about photo organization/scrapbooking and it started yesterday. I am already loving it! Yay!!

I'm enjoying doing something for myself and getting back into the groove of scrapbooking. I have years' worth of photos to get organized, but feel it will be well worth it in the end. I've already listened to my video lesson, watched my slide show presentation, and started on my homework - and it's only the first week! Why hasn't school always been this fun?!? :) I am finding time to work on it late at night when everyone else has gone to bed (my time to get things done!). I am enjoying my scrapbook room lots and am sure I will be in here even more now! It's a 16-week class, so I will have lots of time to get my scrappin' groove on!

The class is offered by Big Picture Scrapbooking and this is the first time I have taken a class with them. I have to say I am quite impressed! I received a welcome packet in the mail about a month ago, and the online class is set up extremely well (with a photo gallery, message board, lesson area, etc.). They also offer lots of other classes, so check it out if you are interested.

Now I just need to save up my money for a few more supplies I need (storage binders for my photos, category drawers for my photos, and library albums for photos)!

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