Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Hearts Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my favorites - you know who you are! :) Brad, Riley, Quinn, & Owen, here are just a few reasons why I love you so much:

1. I love that you are silly and crazy around me.
2. I love that we can do nothing together and still be completely happy.
3. I love that you do all of the dishes for me. :)

1. I love the AWESOME back massages you give me (you rock!!).
2. I love that you are a hard worker and that you don't give up easily.
3. I love that you are so helpful to those in need.

1. I love all the funny things you say - you crack me up!!
2. I love your laugh - it is completely contagious!
3. I love that you can be really serious at times.

1. I love your phrases right now ("Me do," "Love I you," and "phone ringing!").
2. I love that you still snuggle with me. :)
3. I love that you will always be my baby.

I hope you have a great day with all of your loves!!

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