Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School's Started!

We just started school and already I think we are all wiped out! We started all of our subjects at once (instead of easing into a few at a time like some homeschoolers do) and that, combined with all of us getting up earlier and back into a routine, has us wiped out! But in a good way!! :) I'm amazed at the kids' printing/cursive this school year - we didn't do any writing throughout the summer and yet somehow, they have both gotten markedly better!

The workboxes are working out great; they take about 20 minutes for me to prep at night (total for two kids) but have been soooo worth it during school time! The kids can easily tell what all is finished and what is left to do. They can also easily move onto another box if they see I am working with their sibling at the time.

We also started a new curriculum this year called "Sonlight." It is heavy on reading and read-alouds - which would be great if I hadn't lost (most of) my voice this week! Ugh! I've had a sore throat for about 5 days and now am losing my voice . . . which my kids seem to love! :) Thankfully, Brad has been helping with some of the reading for the first few days!


Addie said...

I can't wait until I visit and see the box system at work. It gives them independence in their own work which is a great asset. Love them to pieces.

Love, Addie

Loving Our Homeschool said...

All of the Sonlight reading WEARS ME OUT as well. But it's (usually) worth it. Walk the World's Rim isn't my favorite read aloud, let me tell you. Good book, Lauren's enjoying it, but not the greatest book to read outloud, imo. I hope your voice returns soon!