Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prayer Warrior

We're blessed to have a sweet prayer warrior in our home! Quinn is always the first to want to pray at mealtime, or pray for others in times of need. At bedtime on Monday night (with a pretty decent thunderstorm rolling through), he told me he sure was glad that God gave us shelter and mentioned that he wanted to pray right then. He immediately thanked God for 'shelter,' and went on to ask God to protect him during the storm. I am so thankful for Quinn's big heart and for his big heart for others, as well! :) He's an awesome kid!

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Addie said...

Quinn is such a sweet sensitive child. I love him to pieces. I think he is the "most serious" of the children but when he giggles, he loses it. All of the children are the sweetest most well behaved children in the world.

Love, Addie