Sunday, April 26, 2009

School Plans

If you were wondering, YES, we plan to homeschool again next year. We're just not sure what we are doing with Owen yet. :) A big thanks to those of you who continue to support our decision to homeschool. It is very discouraging when people disapprove or make offensive comments. Homeschooling is a personal choice, and it works well for us and is very rewarding.

This is the time of year we begin planning for next year, so I thought I'd share our curriculum choices for '09-'10. I know this is a subject that interests many homeschoolers, but if you don't homeschool or aren't interested in this post, please feel free to skip it! :) If you do homeschool, I would love to hear your plans for next year!

Bible: Sonlight
Geography: Sonlight
History: Sonlight
Reading: Sonlight
Readalouds: Sonlight
Science: Answers in Genesis (though we started it this the past week!)
Math: Math-U-See
Lang. Arts: Abeka
Music/Art: Co-Op, piano lessons, handbell choir, and possibly the Fort Wayne Children's Choir
For. Lang.: Not sure yet
Phys. Ed: Co-Op

We've made quite a few changes for next year, with the biggest being switching from My Father's World to Sonlight. We are changing for a variety of reasons, but primarily because my kids love reading and we aren't reading enough good books together! We are looking forward to using Sonlight (though it is very expensive!), and I am also planning an entire curriculum for Quinn, whereas before he has usually just tagged along with Riley (other than math and reading). He'll get his own, complete, curriculum next year! (Lucky guy!!)

I am thrilled, also, to have found Answers in Genesis' science curriculum. It teaches science from a creation-based perspective and is a very Biblically-sound, evidence-based, strong science curriculum. We went ahead and started it this past week as I feel our science for this year was too light. The kids have enjoyed the switch so far!

We are sticking with Math-U-See for the fourth year in a row. It is working great for our family, and Riley usually wants to start with math first every day! She is now in the Delta
book, and Quinn will begin with the Alpha book this coming fall. We are big fans of MUS and love their teaching methods!

We are also planning to be involved in a local co-op for the fourth year in a row! This year, the kids will be focusing on critical thinking, drama, health/anatomy, and music/art. Our co-op meets once a week for two hours and each parent takes a turn teaching and planning lessons every month. I get to teach with one of my favorite friends, Joy, and we are teaching health & anatomy to kids in K-2nd grade. With her physical education/teaching degree and my health sciences/athletic training degree, we are both well versed in that area and looking forward to it!

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