Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catching Up with a Quick Recap

IMG_6197 I'm sure some of you are shocked to see a new post here!! (If you are still even checking my blog!) I realize I've been MIA for awhile now - I'm sorry!! Thanks to those of you who have emailed or called (or stopped me while I was driving - Sue!!) to let me know that you miss my blogging! I enjoy blogging and writing, but don't always get to it as often as I would like. But now I am back at it. The photo to the left is from EPCOT when we were there about a month ago. More on our trip soon....!

For now, here's a quick, brief recap of everything that's happened since I last blogged:

  • We celebrated Quinn's 6th birthday!
  • We had both cars repaired at least twice (three times for the van)...ugh!
  • Still plugging away at my 12-week, online scrapbooking class.
  • I spent a lot of time getting ready for and helping run our church's children's clothing resale. Lots of fun...a ton of work!!
  • Loved on my husband. :) He's a cutie. He starts softball soon and has been doing a parenting study at church on how to raise boys.
  • Went to South Bend for a night to celebrate a great friend's 40th birthday - love you, Chris!!!
  • Helped my kids with their Geography Fair projects and learned a lot about Ukraine and Madagascar. Tried lots of new foods at the Geography Fair! The kids are trying to decide now on their countries for next year already! Any suggestions??
  • Homeschooled my kids almost every day - we are now only 6 weeks away from the end of the school year! Riley has moved into division for math, Quinn has almost mastered learning time & money, and I am still undecided about sending O to preschool in the fall. Any thoughts on whether I should or not?
  • Went to Disney World with my entire family for a week - there were 11 of us - it was FABULOUS!!! Lots more on this later, but suffice to say - we had an awesome time and I loved being able to see the parks (we went to all 4) through my kids' eyes.
  • Enjoyed a few moms' nights outs with my girlfriends - always a good time!
  • Celebrated Easter with my family, parents, and grandma.
  • Took my kids to a "Jump with Jill" concert - lots of fun. Check out her website for video clips. If you ever have the opportunity to see her, go for it!
  • Made lots of food in one afternoon - only to have my entire range break that same afternoon when I was halfway through! After a week of microwave meals and eating out, it's now hot - yay!
  • Went to the Midwest Homeschool Convention with some girlfriends. Learned a lot, was convinced, once again, that we are doing the right thing by homeschooling our kids. Had FUN with my friends - eating out, texting each other, chatting, shopping at IKEA, and watching people ride a mechanical bull. :) (Hey Karen & Beth - it brought back great memories of Gilley's in Dallas many years ago!!)
  • Shopped for bunk beds for our boys - we need to get their room redone and GET RID of our crib!!!
  • Found a FREE piano for Riley! What an awesome blessing from God. We had been looking for a few months, and we were able to find a man donating a FREE piano to a good home. It is in great condition and Riley has been playing and practicing even more. I love to hear the sound of her playing fill our home.
  • Went to the Dave Ramsey live simulcast with Brad at a local church. I always enjoy hearing him speak.
  • Scheduled some summer activities for our family - VBS, golf, soccer, zoo camp, and possibly a vacation.
  • Had the outside of our home sprayed for ants so hopefully we don't get any this year (you do know I have a phobia of ants, right?!?).

So there you have it!! Lots more coming soon - as well as photos!!

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