Thursday, June 10, 2010

Parenting Potpourri - Calendars

We keep what looks like a fairly busy calendar, but in reality, we don't actually *do* everything on our calendar! :) My kids are always wanting to do "something," but it isn't always possible with work schedules, trying to get chores done, school finished, family events, etc. BUT . . . I do put tons of "optional" events on our calendar. That way, if we aren't busy that day, or we finish our work, we can do the fun stuff!

For example, this summer, the library and local movie theaters both have weekly events. I will write all of these (that appeal to us) on our calendar, and then we can pick & choose what we do. It also adds incentive (during the school year, at least) to finish our work as soon as possible so we can do the "extra" things! So while we may never get to everything on our calendar, we are at least aware of what is going on and we can attend if we want to!

I also add upcoming events that are in the very distant future - that way, they are already marked on our calendar as the time approaches. This includes things like yearly festivals (Grabill Country Fair in September, Christmas Bible School in December, etc.) so we don't forget about them! Even if we end up not attending these things, at least we don't forget them!

Another thing I do with our calendars is add Post-It notes for the following year. For instance, at Christmas time 2009 we discussed possibly getting a real Christmas tree for the following year. So I went ahead and added a Post-It note on the following year's calendar in November to help me remember! I will stick Post-It notes in the back of my 2010 calendar now for things I want to possibly do or change for next summer, as well.

And if you haven't already guessed, I love calendars! I've even been looking at ones for 2011 already - yes, they're out in stores now! My favorite site for calendars is, of course, Lang!

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IUgirl78 said...

That's such a great idea to write stuff down--even if you might not actually do it. Sometimes I feel like my calendar has to be set in stone and, if I write it, I'd better do it. (I have something against crossing things out.) I guess no one but me looks at it, so I'd better start using it better. Thanks for the tips!