Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mid-Week Money Tip - Saving on Dining Out

We enjoy going out to eat on a fairly regular basis, but I try to always have a coupon with me if possible! Just this week, I was able to order two $25 gift certificates to great restaurants for only $2 each (woohoo!) from! They usually have sales or coupon codes you can use to buy gift certificates inexpensively.

In addition, if you join your favorite restaurant's "e-club" (or something similar), they will send you coupons, specials, free meal coupons, etc. on a regular basis. Most upscale restaurants even do this, as well. Some other tips to save on dining out? Split a meal with someone, order water for your drink, or order from the kids' menu (if they allow it) for smaller portions and a smaller bill!

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Valerie said...

also check local info for "kids eat free" or discount offers (99 cents) - these are sometimes restricted to certain days of the week or certain hours, but some allow you to purchase 2 meals for hungry older kids!