Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Help Protect Kids!

Pardon the interruption while I delve into a not-so-happy topic! I was headed to Target this week (a frequent occurrence!) when I nearly burst into tears in my minivan. I was listening to the radio when a commercial came on that I will likely not forget. It was from an organization called "American Humane Association" and was a very realistic and emotional commercial about child abuse. The basic premise (complete with hearing a parent yell and hit and then hearing a child cry) was "What would you do if you saw or heard a child being abused?"

This is unfortunately the reality that many kids face. I love kids so, so much and cannot imagine abusing a child or even seeing a child endure this! It breaks my heart to even know it occurs in some families. I hope that I would immediately step in and say something, and yet, what do you say? How do you handle this situation? I have never been in this situation--and hope never to be--but the website from American Humane Association addresses this very thing. They have tips on what to say and how to handle this very situation. My hope and prayer is that we never encounter this--but if we do, here are some ideas on how to intervene.

Step in and be an advocate for kids! Love 'em and protect them!


Peggy Puzzello said...

Amy - I just found your blog tonight and it's GREAT! I would like to thank you for posting this link and encourage everyone to follow it and read through the suggestions provided. As the parent of three beautiful angels adopted from foster care and a currently licensed foster parent, I am thrilled that more people are bringing these issues to the forefront. In particular I hope that it hits home that YOU don't have to prove that abuse is taking place. Even if you SUSPECT abuse, REPORT IT!! The burden of proof does not lie with you, but the authorities can't be everywhere all the time and the children cannot protect themselves. As a parent, I would rather be falsely accused and found to be innocent than have ONE child abuser go free because someone was afraid to call in a concern. Thank you for blogging about this topic and sharing the link with those who are within the range of your voice.

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