Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Bunks!

Our boys received new bunk beds today and they are too fun (the beds and the boys!). Other than making the beds--which isn't the easiest thing--we love the new beds! It's just one more thing that reminds us that our babies are growing up. We took apart our crib and got rid of our changing table. It is finally looking like a boys room and not a baby room . . . it's a fun change! Once we have everything else moved back in the room, I will post pictures of the complete room.

We ordered the beds from my uncle who owns a furniture store in Ohio and gave us a good discount (thanks, Lynn!), and my parents also gave us some really nice furniture (desk, chair, two dressers) that complete the room (thanks, mom & dad!). It's coming together, and the boys were so excited to go to bed tonight--let's hope that keeps up! :)


IUgirl78 said...

Awesome!!! Now Joel wants bunk beds...for our room! Seriously, we'd probably get some if we weren't concerned that Ryan would jump off the top. ;) Even at the furniture store, he was trying to scale the side of the bunk--even w/o the ladder. Is that the exact type that you got? If so, I love the steps!!!

HappyGoMommy! said...

Yep--those are the exact ones we have! We love them! And yes, I'm thinking I will have a kid jumping off the top sooner or later!