Thursday, January 14, 2010


I realize I've been MIA for the past three months - I'm sorry! October and November were rough months health-wise, and December brought the busyness of Christmas, but I am hoping to get back to writing more often. I'm so thankful to be healthy again! :)

This photo was taken yesterday morning of our boys . . . just an ordinary day in our lives! So thankful for these normal days, and especially thankful that we aren't super-busy right now.

We are keeping busy with school and really enjoying this year. We switched curriculums to this year to Sonlight, and the kids love it.

Quinn is completely immersed in Greek mythology right now. Who knew?? Riley is involved in a lot of musical arts this year (choir, handbells, piano) and she enjoys it. She has quickly developed her piano skills in the past year - so proud of her and the determination she has!

Owen is our crazy little sidekick to our busy life. He just fits into whatever we are doing and definitely keeps us on our toes! I have started preschool with him, and he loves getting to have his "school" time just like the bigger kids!

Brad is staying busy with two jobs (he works so hard to provide so well for us!). He is anxious for softball season to start, though, and getting antsy being inside! It doesn't help that football season (for us!) is over already! :(

I have been spending a lot of time digital scrapbooking, and it is a lot of fun! Fast, and much less clean up than traditional scrapbooking! I've taught myself a ton, Brad has given me pointers, and I've taken some online classes. I enjoy the creative outlet. :) I'll post a page soon that I've done!

What are your favorite blogs to read? I am looking for some new things to read, and would love to hear about your favorites! Thanks for any ideas you have! :)

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Trish said...

Amy, are you posting your digital scrapbook pages anywhere? I would love to see them!