Monday, June 8, 2009

School's Out!

Friday was our last day of the school year--yay!! We finished our schoolwork in the morning, and told the kids we would take them out in the evening to celebrate!

We started with a round of miniature golf at Putt-Putt . . . lots of fun! Quinn has been taking golf lessons for the past month or so, and you can really tell. He even got two holes-in-one! :) Next, we headed to Build-A-Bear to let the kids make new stuffed animals. Riley has a new dog (Lulu), Quinn chose a different dog (Coco), and Owen made a frog (Zippy). They could have stayed in
the store for hours(!), but we finally pried them away to enjoy pizza at Pizza King!

We're proud of how hard they have worked this year and how much they have learned. They both finished another year of school work and are moving up to the next grade (their sweet teacher didn't hold them back!). :)

Saturday morning the kids enjoyed dressing their Build-A-Bear animals and putting them all on display! So here they are--from left to right: Lulu, Smiley, Lovey, Zippy, Aaliyah, Coco, Brownie, Rufus, Molly, Spikey, Thomas, and Adam. And if you've ever been to Build-A-Bear, you know that there is a little "name" book the kids can look through to choose names. That, and Riley being impatient, is how she ended up naming her bunny "Aaliyah!" It was right smack-dab at the beginning of the book! :) And you can't tell in this picture, but Lulu is wearing a great Steelers cheerleading outfit! Spikey came from the Build-A-Dino store at Disney World . . . lots of fun!

But I have to say that this one (Molly!) is my personal fave because it is the first one Riley made . . . isn't she cute???

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